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When Is The Best Time To Hire A Vietnam Recruitment Agency?

It is critical for your company to select a Vietnam recruitment agency correctly in order to deliver a well-thought-out plan that meets your company's needs and puts your mind at ease, especially when you’re a foreigner who wants to invest in the Vietnam market.


Do you have trouble finding qualified employees to keep your business running as smoothly as you have expected? Your boss seeks niche positions with superpowers such as fluency in both Chinese and English, obtaining a Master's degree, being willing to travel frequently, having leadership experience and a specific skill set in addition to outstanding knowledge competencies, and so on... You are not alone. Many recruiters face the same issue as a result of shifting demographics, a shortage of skilled workers, and the race to digital transformation. Because top-tier employees face intense competition, they do not actively seek another company.

Vietnam recruitment agency
Figure 1. There is not much talent out there for you to find

But Vietnam recruitment agencies are constantly recruiting candidates across industries and sectors daily, and they can get your request in front of the right people almost immediately. They have specialized teams to meet the diverse needs of many clients, as well as a significant talent pipeline with a large talent pool of referenced candidates whom you can approach with your vacancy. To deal with a large number of hard-to-find potentials, recruitment consultants must know who they are, how to reach them, and how to incentivize them to make a move. They are also well-versed in current talent demand, skill shortages, salary benchmarks, and the overall job market.


Hiring is a science, and if you don't have time to screen candidates carefully, you'll likely end up with hires who don't meet your company's needs. A bad hire affects 95% of employers each year, according to research. Bad hires cost two to three times the salary of the position they were hired for and account for 80% of employee turnover. Despite making numerous efforts to fill open positions.

In the long run, working with a Vietnam recruitment agency will enable you to save more money as it guarantees a steady stream of talent in your company. They handle the first steps in the hiring process, relieving you of that stress. They also help you find replacement candidates in case the original hires leave during the probationary period. Your chances of hiring the incorrect people are significantly reduced because we are experts at connecting the right people.


It takes a lot of time to fill a position the conventional way. You are aware of the requirements for hiring: a mountain of resumes, a phone that never stops ringing, and a flurry of applicant emails. The next step is to prescreen potential candidates, interview them, assess their language proficiency, and contact their references. Candidates may change their minds the following day even if they accept the offer today. This may have a negative effect on your day-to-day work because recruiting periods can cause a decline in productivity output.

Vietnam recruitment agency
Figure 2. It’s hard to find talent when you simply don’t have enough time to do that

You don't need to spend hours sifting through stacks of resumes. Just let the Vietnam recruitment agency complete this work. You can then concentrate on fewer high-quality candidates with more qualifications and experience who meet your company's needs and job role expectations. Choosing the right recruitment agency will help you separate the wheat from the chaff and free up your time to focus on the rest of your business.


Because it is at the heart of what they do, Vietnam recruitment agency can help your company run more efficiently and effectively. Less work, less stress, and more time for you to thrive in the Vietnam business.

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