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Da Nang



Develop technical aspects of the company’s strategy to ensure alignment with its business goals

  • This is the primary duty of the CTO. He has driven the tech aspect of the company with the technical mindset; if not, we cannot be a tech company and will run with a traditional mindset like others and align it with biz goals.

  • Providing technical leadership at the enterprise level and serve an integral role in operations and business development.

  • Structuring technology policies, procedures, and standards to ensure organizational success.

Discover and implement new technologies that yield a competitive advantage

  • Designing and leading the implementation of our strategy for technology while ensuring the implementation and enforcement of technology standards across the organization

  • Conducting research to remain up-to-date and knowledgeable regarding industry trends and emerging technologies in anticipation of new processes and system alterations, as well as to analyze and improve upon technology standards across the organization to maintain a technological advantage for teaching and learning

  • The technology is a field that changes every day, and CTO should know the trend and understand what the customers out there want to use to build products. => Customer Oriented

Build quality assurance and data protection processes

Monitor KPIs and IT budgets to assess technological performance

  • Tracking and controlling the developments of annual operating and capital budgets for purchasing, staffing and technology operations

  • CTO must have a cost-saving mindset and focus on budget management. He also maintains that the P&L estimation on every decision is essential.

Join the Presales team to do estimation

Consultant Architect Beginning Project

  • Maybe we will hire solution architecture soon, but CTO will lead this team.

  • Making recommendations and present business advantages for technology initiatives and improvements

  • Leading team in identifying, comparing, selecting, and implementing technology solutions and partnerships to meet current and future needs

  • Making technology-related recommendations supported by data for policy adoption that includes analysis of current regulatory actions, technological innovations, and fiduciary considerations

Lead Team Leads and HOT group to put training technologies and tracking upgrade developer skills

  • Lead team in identifying, comparing, selecting, and implementing technology solutions and partnerships to meet current and future needs

  • Sharing information and developing a collective understanding of programs and issues.

Developing objectives and strategies for the implementation of innovative solutions while optimizing existing systems, applications, and information


  • Experience both frontend and backend technologies

  • Experience in clouds, DevOps

o This is the must-have knowledge in modern software development.

  • Experience in building an extensive software product

o Because outsourcing generate profit more with a large client, this is a must-have point

  • Having good English skills

  • Having experience in leading technologies at 150+ size of companies


Salary range: up to USD 6,000 gross


Offered Salary

4,000 $ - 6,000 $


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