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NGV419 - CTO

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NGV419 - CTO




Ho Chi Minh City



Project Management and Implementation:

  • Carry out the design, implementation, testing, release, and maintain new projects from Japan headquarters until the number of engineers increases). Based on requirements definition and basic design by the Japan headquarters.

  • Review source code and unit test specifications, conduct tests, and ensure quality.

  • Report development progress to Japan headquarters timely and accurately.

  • Resolve technical challenges and introduce new technologies.

  • Formulate and execute the technical vision of the Vietnam branch.

  • Set technical KPIs and strategize for their achievement.

  • Evaluate technical risks and devise countermeasures.

Interpretation and Translation Tasks:

  • Translate specifications/design documents from Japanese to Vietnamese accurately.

  • Provide clear instructions to the engineers at the Vietnam branch based on the translated specifications/design documents.

  • Answer questions or consultations from Japanese designers clearly.

Communication and Collaboration:

  • Facilitate smooth meetings in Japanese with the Japan headquarters.

  • Participate in strategic discussions with the Japanese management team.

  • Effectively manage tasks within the branch and bridge operations between the two countries.


  • Organize and manage the technical team.

  • Address, organize, and resolve issues raised by Vietnamese engineer members.

Human Resource Management:

  • Select, interview, educate, and evaluate engineering candidates for the Vietnam branch.

  • Manage general HR tasks such as attendance and personnel evaluations for the engineers in residence.


  • Experience as a CTO or technical leader in a technology company, and have strong team management experience

  • Experience in introducing new technologies and solving technical challenges.

  • Experienced in managing multinational companies in Japan, especially Japanese corporate culture

  • Experience working with offshore

  • Hands-on experience as an engineer throughout the entire development process, from detailed design to development, testing, and maintenance.

  • Deep technical knowledge in the web/IT domain. Clear technical vision and sensitivity to new technology trends.

  • Practical experience using any of the following (at least one from both frontend and backend, regardless of years):

  • Frontend: React, Vue3, TypeScript, Sass, HTML

  • Backend: Ruby, Python, Node.js, PHP

  • Frameworks: Ruby on Rails, Django, Flask, CakePHP, Laravel, Express, Nuxt3, Next

  • A global perspective who can demonstrate leadership even in a multicultural environment.

  • Capable of bridging the gap between business and technology.

  • Advanced problem-solving and decision-making abilities.

  • Ability and integrity to perform bridge engineer duties

  • Effective process management and time management for subordinates' tasks.

  • Leadership skills to inspire team members and promote growth.

  • Proficiency in spoken and written Japanese, capable of smooth business conversations with Japanese management (N2 or above is recommended)

  • Ability to understand specifications written by Japanese engineers and translate them into Japanese at a level understandable to Vietnamese development members.

  • English (Business conversation level)


Working location: Ho Chi Minh

Salary range: min USD 4,000 Gross


Offered Salary

4,000 $ - 7,000 $


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