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  • Work closely with the Project manager, UX Designers to understand the User Experience Requirements

  • Installing, configuring, maintaining the libraries required for application development

  • Keep abreast of the latest trends / technologies in the UI Development Frameworks

  • Collaborate with Backend Developers to ensure smooth functioning of the software

  • Put debug tools in place to quickly analyze the bottleneck

  • Work with teams on Test Driven Development methods

  • Contribute to Low Level Design Documents for UI Development Section

  • Design Unit Test Cases for standalone UI testing

  • Integrate the code with Source Code Repository and CICD pipeline

  • Publish Best Practices Document/Development Guidelines for each framework

  • Build Reusable artifacts/toolkits

  • Perform in Peer Review cycle and identify code vulnerabilities/areas of improvement


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, IT or related area

  • 5+ years of experience in UI Development

  • 2+ years of experience in building Omni-Channel Web Apps, Progressive Web Apps

  • In-depth understanding of JavaScript, DOM, and JSX, Knowledge about React hooks, High Order Components (HOC), state management and Functional Components.

  • Experience in building at least 5 End to End Web/Mobile Applications

  • Should be proficient with HTML5.0, CSS and Javascript

  • Knowledge in any one or more frameworks (Angular, REACT, Vue, Ember)

  • Should have good knowledge in building responsive User Interfaces

  • Should have good knowledge in building Hybrid and/or native mobile apps

  • Overall knowledge of SDLC and integration with backend API’s

  • OWASP Guidelines and vulnerabilities

  • ES 6 Concepts(De structuring , Arrow functions, Spread and Rest operators, Classes, Import and Export).

  • Git knowledge is a plus

  • Knowledge of backend development - Java, microservices is a plus.

  • Experience with popular React.js workflows (such as Flux or Redux)

  • Knowledge of modern authorization mechanisms, such as JSON Web Token

  • Familiarity with modern front-end build pipelines and tools

  • Experience with common front-end development tools such as Babel, Webpack, NPM, etc.

  • Experience with user interface design.

  • Knowledge of performance testing frameworks including Mocha and Jest.

  • Experience with browser-based debugging and performance testing software.


Salary range: From 4 years: Up to 2100$ gross

From 9 years: Up to 3000$ gross


Offered Salary

2,100 $ - 3,000 $


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