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Big Differences Between Headhunt Vietnam And Global Headhunt

Vietnam has always attracted the investment of large international corporations due to its young labor force, diverse market, and strategic location. As a result, the demand for senior personnel is increasing. But what are some differences between headhunts in Vietnam and global headhunt?

1. Vietnam Has A Professional Labor Workforce

With a young and skilled labor force, the Vietnamese economy has grown sustainably. The market is more open to newcomers than ever before. Managers must run and develop their businesses to a higher level, which is why they must hire the right people for the right jobs. Talented individuals are more aware of their true values, and they are more likely to relocate to a new company with better opportunities and pay. More qualified candidates are now applying to headhunt Vietnam.

headhunt Vietnam
Figure 1. The advantage of the Vietnam headhunt is many young, talented developers

However, there are several issues concerning labor force quality. For example, at my company, the quality and quantity of senior candidates are quite low, and we are unable to meet domestic demand. There is also a labor shortage at the middle level. And the young graduates are good at theory but not so good at reality and profession. As a result, recruiting and training are time-consuming. Companies should provide training to their employees in order to improve their professional ability to perform their jobs.

2. The Competition Between Headhunt Vietnam And Global Headhunt

This service is actually more competitive than others. Many foreign recruiting firms have had their sights set on Vietnam's senior staff market, and some of them have successfully worked with Vietnamese companies. Foreign companies have many advantages of the international source of labor forces and standard customer support process because of their long history in the field of the international market. They also use their knowledge of internal labor force division and human resource flow to their advantage. They cleverly connect these two demands.

Cost and service quality are two more competitive factors. In a recovering economy, all businesses prioritize cost-cutting. However, it is necessary to invest in the source of talent. Vietnamese firms have a stable position and are gaining market share due to their competitive fee of 18 - 25% of the candidate's annual salary and equal quality. Meanwhile, the cost of one successful candidate in developed countries is approximately 30% of the annual salary. To have benefits when working in the Vietnam market, a foreign company must charge at least 25% of the annual salary.

3. Headhunt In Vietnam Can Provide You With The Best Services Experience

If your business has the plan to operate in Vietnam, there is no better choice than working with a Vietnam headhunter. Because they knew the Vietnam labor market, they have a wide connection of talent pools. Not only that, they know how to manage paperwork and calculate taxes to help your business avoid trouble with Vietnam labor laws.

headhunt Vietnam
Figure 2. Headhunt Vietnam can save you from the burden of paperwork

It’s okay for you to choose some famous global headhunt and operate in Vietnam. They may provide you with the best candidate, but probably not the best service you can get in Vietnam.


Taking all about the difference between the headhunt Vietnam and global headhunt, the Vietnamese headhunting market looks promising in the future. It is clear that this service contributes to improved human resource quality and healthy market competition, thereby promoting the economy and service quality.

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