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JT1 Ranked Amongst Top HR Outsourcing Company At GoodFirms

JT1 is Featured as the Top HR Outsourcing Companies in Vietnam by GoodFirms.

What GoodFirms have to say about us?

JT1 Revolutionizes Business Ecosystems with Their Efforts: GoodFirms

Top HR Outsourcing Company

JT1 serves as a leading tech recruitment agency in Vietnam, Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia. This professional IT recruitment agency has enthusiastic consultants and thousands of tech talents from all over the world. Plus, clients can have well-fitted candidates for their business requirements from this tech-focused headhunt agency. Across Asia, JT1 has worked with top-notch corporations as well as startups.

This outsourcing agency provides non-stop human resource solutions for many businesses in various fields. The company interacts with domestic and foreign enterprises to find excellent personnel who adapt to varied work cultures. JT1 aims to accommodate tech companies in structuring the next Silicon Valley in Southeast Asia.

Furthermore, the company plans to become the top tech recruitment agency in South East Asia. The professional consultant team successfully carried out payroll transactions smoothly every month. The team is committed to punctuality and confidentiality.

The experienced IT recruitment consultant possesses impressive knowledge of the following sectors: front-end developer, back-end developer, DevOps, system admin, tester/QA/QC, project management, technical /product, digital marketing, and designer.

Additionally, JT1 has 20,000+ qualified software engineer profiles and believes in delivering the best candidates within 1-3 working days. The deep market insight of the company painstakingly understands the clients’ requirements. Not just that! The flexible pricing packages come with a warranty option that unquestionably suits the clients' budget.

JT1 employs a proven search methodology to find the best-fit talents. The company offers a full range of HR services right from recruitment, contract, and onboarding to attendance. JT1 delivers on-time, accurate, and legal payroll to the staff every month. Moreover, the consultancy service helps startup founders set up businesses in Vietnam.

The working process of the team involves briefing to understand the employer’s expectation thoroughly, sourcing for searching best fit talents by employing the powerful search tools and methodology, interview process in which team members assist employers regarding how to arrange test and code challenges, and lastly the hiring process to support an employer in on-boarding the selected candidate.

GoodFirms is a research and review platform that empowers B2B tech corporations to locate and develop software products and services. It analyses the IT company on three crucial parameters: quality, reliability, and ability. GoodFirms identifies the service-providing companies to link with their relevant customers. The service seekers can sift through thousands of categories, verified studies, and research articles to find the right business partner. GoodFirms is listed JT1 in the Top HR Outsourcing Companies in Vietnam.

Subsequently, all these awe-inspiring business services take JT1 among the leading HR outsourcing companies in Vietnam at GoodFirms.

Written by: Anna Stark - Goodfirms


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