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The best programming language to learn first?

Whether you are starting coding as your preference, new job, or just to improve the existing role, the initial thing you must do is to determine which easiest programming language you need to begin with. This post will help you approach it easily.

programming language to learn
Programming language

1. Common programming languages


Python is often suggested if you want to search for a simple or even joy programming language to study initially. Instead of getting to moving into complex syntax rules, this language can read like English and is easy to know for newbies to programming. It might permit you to get the fundamental awareness of coding practices without obsessing over small information which is regularly crucial in various languages.

Common programming languages
Figure 1. Python


Java is object-oriented and shows heavy language which is in high need. It is designed under the motto of “write once and run anywhere”, meaning that it might be written on the gadget and operate cross-platform.

It is also considered as a most expected language skill. So if you want to study a language that is going to make you successful, it could be the one, particularly since leading managers for Java developers including Amazon.

Moreover, Java is regularly used on both iOS and Android app development, as it is the part of the Android operating system that makes it among the high options if you need to make mobile applications.

Common programming languages
Figure 2. Java


Ruby is the same as Python in that it is among the simple languages for individuals with no prior programming experience to read. You do not want to understand a host of commands or the programming vocabulary to study it, and it brings the libraries’ multitude of tools that come in handy.

Common programming languages
Figure 3. Ruby

2. What is the ideal programming language to learn first?

When there could be a plan to select, some experts highlight that programming is tough regarding what you select. It might be boring to begin and become excellent at it. However, they even recommend that this affinity for making on the issue to study the skill which others can not get the patience for is what makes developers distinctive.

Particularly for testers, as the Quality Assurance field starts to increasingly request more skills in test automation. Other specialists advance that studying the code is a good way to split into test automation. Then, even after you suppose you can know it, you keep going to practice all day.

Moreover, regarding what language you select, you might be well-advised not to stop after your initial language – the ideal programmers get a mixture under their belt. After you study one, the rest might likely be simple to pick out.

To begin with the test automation in one of those languages, you can check other useful resources on the Internet. And if you even could not determine, here is a better infographic that might make things more simple for you.

Wrapping It Up

The best programming language to learn first will be based on your purposes. Last but not least, if you want to grab the ideal language in the future, this post will be your partner at this moment.

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