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Top 5 Best Web3 Games and How Their Creator can Create a Last-long Term Viability for it?

The Web3 gaming environment is filled with tempting play-to-earn chances. Major AAA developers have targeted this booming industry, bringing high-quality game experiences with them. So what are some of the best web3 games and how can they become popular?

1. What is web3 game?

1.1. Definition

Web3 gaming is a decentralized gaming process in which all game-related decisions and asset ownership are made independently of a central authority inside a gaming ecosystem or platform.

Blockchain is incorporated into the gaming environment to create Web3 games, which let players voice their opinions about how and when the game should change. Additionally, Web3 gaming establishes the basis for players to play-to-earn, transforming the pay-to-play model by providing options for cryptocurrency earnings while playing, tradeable game tokens, and asset trading.

The gaming business may access and completely own in-game digital assets with Web3 gaming, which offers fair virtual markets. These unique assets are kept in the format of gaming NFTs.

best web3 games
What is web3 game?

By connecting players and in-game materials across platforms, web3 gaming also offers broad interoperability among diverse gaming ecosystems. When creating a gaming environment, the kind of blockchain platform one chooses will determine the interoperability element. For example, the interoperability capability in cross-chain communication bridges is provided by Polkadot or Solana.

1.2 Different types of Web3 games


The term of this kind makes it clear that the main idea behind play-to-earn games is to play and earn. All you have to do to earn rewards such as NFTs and cryptocurrency is to participate in these Web3 dApps. The plain reality is that you will receive more digital goods the more you play. Generally speaking, you engage in a game, finishing various objectives or competing in a range of events, with digital goods serving as your reward for advancement and success. As a result, you may either sell this award on online marketplaces or spend it to acquire other rewards (as an investment for more playtime).

In contrast to traditional gaming, play-to-earn games' core functionality is decentralized, which implies that the game creator does not have complete control. Additionally, people that engage in the in-game economy add value for the benefit of both creators and other players.


Walk-to-earn games are an additional kind of GameFi. The fundamental idea behind these games is simple: rather than playing games, you move (walk) and accumulate virtual assets. It's just another creative way to give gamers something for doing something as basic as walking.

There are a lot of businesses that supply their players games based on that idea, but Walken and STEPN are two that stand out from the others.

The world's first lifestyle app, STEPN, was created with the express intent of rewarding users for exercising. Users may earn GST tokens by walking, jogging, and running, among other activities. These tokens may be exchanged on several exchange platforms and used for in-app purchases.

Walken is a Web3-based walking program that connects online gaming, cryptocurrency, and sports. To put it simply, Walken wants to provide its customers cryptocurrency as a reward for walking. WLKN, an in-app token that represents the award, can thereafter be traded on exchange platforms. In contrast with STEPN, Walken has accomplished more. It has effectively incorporated fascinating gameplay, where you need to level up your character and compete against other players in various tournaments, while implementing the walk-to-earn idea.

2. List of some best web3 games

2.1. Tearing Spaces

This Polygon-fueled fighting arena is intended for individuals who crave intense competition and prized token prizes. It's time to dive in with the second season of its open beta running from August 28 to September 18. While navigating the battlefield, players can summon Divine Stewards, powerful heroes with distinct skills.

best web3 games
Tearing Spaces is one of the best web3 games that has am attractive prize pool

These Stewards, which can be obtained by fusing Celestials and Armaments, not only enhance the game experience but also provide participants a share of the intriguing 1000 USDT reward pool. Earn TSC tokens as battles go to level up your Stewards. The game even introduces a new token, TSG, which expands the game's administration and staking features. It’s not only in the list of best web3 games but also this game has the most attractive prize pool.

2.2. Parallel

Parallel Studios' trading card game distinguishes out as an avant-garde fusion of classic card mechanisms and cutting-edge digital gaming. Players engage themselves in combative showdowns utilizing decks constructed from unique Parallel NFTs, all while being immersed in a complex story of galactic adventures and social progressions. These cards, which represent the game's primary factions, become more than just game assets, they become symbols of Parallel's vast universe.

2.3. MetalCore

MetalCore is yet one of the best web3 games to try. It provides a large open-world experience where mechanized battle meets the appeal of NFTs on a mineral-rich extraterrestrial planet. In the battle for planetary domination, players engage in territorial skirmishes, acquiring machinery, recruiting pilots, developing territory, and exchanging equipment.

Players are continually incentivized through objectives and both PvP and PvE engagements, with a library of 10,000 distinct infantry NFTs giving depth to the action. The game's impending open beta in September is a highlight, giving players the chance to win benefits such as a gratis automobile, especially those who pre-register.

2.4. Legends of the Mara

Legends of the Mara (LoTM), released by Yuga Labs in March 2023, is the first game in the vast Otherside metaverse. LoTM, a 2D strategy game, connects with collectors, delicately weaving the metaverse's main narrative. Interactions with the local Kodas, their Vessels, the Otherdeeds, and the player community are all part of this.

As September 2023 approaches, LoTM aficionados await the open beta, which Yuga Labs hopes will assist in gathering early input for future developments.

2.5. Axie Infinity

Last but not least, Axie Infinity is a Pokemon-inspired game. Axies are monsters found in the fictitious realm of Lunacia. You may gather them, sell them, breed them, and eventually pit them against each other in 3v3 fights. Everything in the game is either an NFT or an ERC-20 Token, which means you own everything you buy and collect. There are the Axies themselves, as well as things and terrain.

best web3 game
Axile Infinity is the first web3 game developed by a Vietnamese developer team

3. What are some factors to consider when evaluating the long-term viability of best web3 games?

When evaluating the long-term viability of a web3 game, there are several factors to consider. Here are some important aspects to keep in mind:

  • Concept and gameplay: Assess the uniqueness and appeal of the game's concept and gameplay mechanics. Is it innovative, engaging, and capable of capturing and retaining players' interest over time? A strong and enjoyable gameplay experience is vital for many best web3 games.

  • Community and user base: Examine the size and activity of the game's community. A thriving and active user base indicates a healthy ecosystem with potential for sustained growth. Consider factors such as the number of active players, community engagement on forums and social media, and developer interaction with the community.

  • Development team and roadmap: Evaluate the development team behind the game. Look for experienced and reputable developers who have a track record of delivering updates, improvements, and new features. A transparent and well-defined roadmap can also indicate the team's commitment to long-term development and support.

  • Blockchain integration and technology: Consider the effectiveness and scalability of the blockchain technology being used. Evaluate the game's integration with blockchain, the benefits it provides (such as true ownership of in-game assets or play-to-earn mechanics), and the scalability of the underlying blockchain network to handle a growing user base.

  • Economy and monetization: Assess the game's economic model and monetization strategies. Look for a balanced and sustainable economy that allows players to earn and spend in-game assets. Evaluate the potential for players to monetize their in-game achievements and assets, as this can contribute to long-term engagement.

  • Partnerships and integrations: Examine the game's partnerships and collaborations. Strategic partnerships with other blockchain projects, established brands, or influential individuals can provide credibility and open up opportunities for growth and exposure.

  • Regulatory considerations: Take into account the legal and regulatory landscape surrounding blockchain gaming in the game's target market. Compliance with local regulations and the ability to adapt to potential changes in the regulatory environment can impact the long-term viability of a game.


It's important to keep in mind that the blockchain gaming business is still in its early stages, and new elements may arise over time. Thorough research, maintaining up-to-date on industry trends, and soliciting comments from the community may all aid in determining the long-term success of many best web3 games.

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