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Top 5 Free Websites To Learn About Programming

Top 5 free websites to learn about programming
Top 5 free websites to learn about programming

Are you a programming enthusiast? Do you want to update your coding knowledge in the world with just a laptop? So don't hesitate to try to visit the following useful free programming learning websites right here.

1. Code Academy

Code Academy offers introductory courses that help you form a foundational mindset about coding. It is a free programming learning website that attracts many programmers with nearly 25 million users. Therefore, it will be suitable for those beginning to learn about this programming. Here are some outstanding advantages of this programming learning website:

Content of Code Academy is easy to understand with a duration of up to hundreds of hours.

It also provides many popular programming languages: Java, CSS, Ruby, Python, HTML, etc.

Top 5 free websites to learn about programming
Figure 1: Code Academy

2. Codewars

Code Academy provides functional theory, Codewars gives you a hands-on environment through designed challenges. It is a popular website to learn programming for free because of the following outstanding advantages:

The challenges (kata) are from easy, medium to complex. Based on your knowledge, you will find ways to solve these katas. With continuous practice, your idea will be more flexible and more responsive.

It helps you find the optimal solution, and from that, you can learn some of the following languages: Java, Javascript, C#, Python, SQL, Ruby.

Top 5 free websites to learn about programming
Figure 2: Codewars

3. Free Code Camp

Free Code Camp is a website built based on an online community to learn together. They will teach you programming for free through projects and challenges. After a while, when you accumulate enough experience, you can apply for projects from non-profit organizations. The advantages of this website are:

+ Exchanging and interacting with many programmers in the world

+ Having the opportunity to try out real projects

+ The experiences gained on the web can help you in real life

+ Some languages ​​you can learn Javascript, CSS3, HTML, Node.js, D3.js, Databases, Git, and Github

Top 5 free websites to learn about programming
Figure 3: freeCodeCamp

4. edX

If you want to learn programming for free from the best teachers in the best universities in the world, then edX is for you! It is a convergence of well-designed courses. You are sure to gain a solid foundation of knowledge from these courses. Some of the things that the students of this free coding site love are:

+ Well-written instructions and documentation available

+ Forum for students to discuss after the lectures

+ Completely free. However, you can get a certificate after the course to enhance your CV later for a small fee

+ Some languages ​​you can learn Java, HTML, Python, C, IoT Programming

Top 5 free websites to learn about programming
Figure 4: edX

5. Coursera

Coursera is also a place trusted by programmers. The platform of edX is quite similar to that of edX. However, it is suitable for higher education levels. Some highlights of this web are:

+ Programming courses are well-presented to make learning easy for students

+ In technology, edX also offers courses in diverse areas from economics, biology, human rights, and more

+ Languages ​​you can study on this web: Java, C++, C#, Python, SQL, jQuery, Mobile app development

Top 5 free websites to learn about programming
Figure 5: Coursera


Hoping this article has provided you with enough helpful information about free programming learning websites. With these advantages, you need to plan and start learning to gain a tremendous amount of knowledge without spending a dime!

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