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Web Developer - Steps to Becoming a Good One

Almost everyone, everytime when tending to a new journey, a new orientation for another opportunities in career they often asks themselves that: where I should start, what and how I need to do? And finding that answer is the process of learning a wealth of experiences. Learning to be a Web Developer is also the same case. The question of beginners always revolves around what should I learn and where should I start?

Every family goes through its own problems but it always also has its own solutions. Besides going to a vocational training center for an institutional training or through lessons in a university, every abecedarian developer must be self-taught in some extent. Today, although we have a great number of resources that allow us to learn whatever we want and whenever we need, such a large amount of information can leave us feeling lost. So, how you getting started with these steps at your starting point will be able to decide your own path.

Web Developer


In the industry of IT, having patience is the vital important step you need for openers. Woking every day is a prerequisite to improve our skills. Especially, the rewards to the number of hours in developing an application will no doubt be unappreciated with our effort. Therefore, now and always, remember: Patience.

HTML for Web Developer

Due to the necessity of HTML for the web applications’ foundation make it become the very first web development technology that must be learned. At the beginning, when HTML was born in the university to relate documents to each other. It is really useful by making easier to find documents with similar content. However, the development of computer science brought about the evolution of the web and has also led HTML to be used as base document for creating web applications.

The most considerable defect of HTML is bringing to the applications an awful visual aspect. This is right time for rising up the patience will help us overcome the discouragement by feeling effort and result are treading water. However, it is not without solution, CSS appears as a saviour to add style and help to reduce the the dissatisfaction of HTML with improving visual aspect greatly.

For consultation, these website is familiar with complete beginners:

Interneting is hard (But it doesn’t have to be) at (

Learn You HTML at ( — Cover key aspects of HTML: tags, tables and styles

CSS for Web Developer

In fact, HTML and CSS can be learned simultaneously. Whereas HTML work as the foundation, CSS refers to the painting, decoration or personalization of web applications

More often than not, it doesn’t matter which technology is behind our web application, if a product is without visually appealing, a customer will not pay for it. So, the importance of CSS need be appreciated because of its effect in generating money. And the acquirement for CSS in learning other parts of web development, where focusing on learning enough to layout a web page is more necessary. Of course, it does not mean that a profound CSS is indispensable for this step, but CSS skills will gradually improve by our effort, so all thing we need is try our best to defend ourselves.

A list of below resources will help our in the journey of learning CSS:

Tutorial CSS at ( — 20 interactive tutorials will teach you the basics of CSS in an hour. It’s the perfect starting point for an easy way to learn CSS.

CSS Exercises at ( — CSS exercises devised as a mentorship project.

Codrops CSS Reference at ( — An extensive CSS reference for learning CSS basics.

JavaScipt for Web Developer

Initially, with the intention of making a scripting language, Brendan Eich give birth to JavaScript. Today, JavaScript truly revolutionize with the challenge to cover multiple paradigms and become the web’s language of the present and future. Bear in mind that no one is the prophet with a crystal ball in hand to know what will happen in the next decade. Therefore, it is the reason why we need to study JavaScript in depth and all preoccupations should spend for mastering JavaScript/TypeScript in perfect handling level due to its feature in building desktop, mobile, back-end and front-end applications.

However, let’s remember to needn’t panic because the foundations of programming will remain the same and we should ready for this step through some below resource:

Interactive learning

Fundamentals of JavaScript at (

Functional programming at ( — Using map, filter, concatAll, reduce and zip to learn the basic principles of functional programming in an interactive way.

Free eBooks

  • Eloquent JavaScript at ( — Covering the language and runtime specifics.

  • Speaking JavaScript at ( — In-depth guide beginning with the basics.

  • JavaScript Design Patterns at ( — Classical and JavaScript specific design patterns.

  • Mostly Adequate Guide to Functional Programming at ( — Excellent primer to functional programming using JavaScript.

ES6 and above

  • Exploring ES6 at ( — Good introduction with in-depth chapters.

  • Exploring ES2016 and ES2017 at ( — Follow up to “Exploring ES6.”

  • ES6 Katas at ( — Learn ES6 by solving unit tests online.

  • Practical ES6 at ( — eBook with practical examples and advice.

Instead of Learning, let’s start practicing!

After reading and acquiring too much the concepts, basic knowledge, we should take a break. Do not bear more stuff about theories in our mind. Because acquiring and collect the knowledge is never enough, so the best way to learn and consolidate knowledge without forgetting is that we need to put ourselves into the projects. It means that right now we have enough knowledge to apply a job in the IT industry and we are able to carry out projects.

Web Developer

In fact, exercises will help our improve and strengthen the knowledge day by day. And we will surprise at the day when we realize how far have gone and obtained. However, until that day, we still have a long way to go to have enough stack to generate real projects.

Databases - MySQL/PostgreSQL for Web Developer

The fundamental technologies of client-side or Front-end is not everything in web development. It also has the server-side or Back-end - another fundamentals that we should to master. Perceiving the knowledge about Back-end is understandable how the data is stored in web development. Since, the most valuable asset of software come from data or information, therefore, understanding extensively how databases work so that we can own the soul of software.

For the reason that database management hold the entire career that we build, so it is a big and important field. Getting started with database management through relational databases such as MySQL or PostgreSQL is high recommendation.

Database Design

  • At ( — Learn relational database design with practical concepts and examples. This series works with any database system.

SQL Exercises

  • At ( — The schemas and questions are from Wikibook

Back-end - PHP/NodeJS/JAVA for Web Developer

Generating dynamic web applications need back-end languages to exploit full potential of databases. Due to the dynamic and persistent of data in web applications’ operation, the front-end will receive data from the back-end - where the magic of web development begins.

APIrestful refers to the easiest way to start building. Withal, being very complicated at the first time for approaching is normal, which happened to all beginners. However, more and more we discover, we will realize that it is only uncovering the tip of the iceberg, the first glimpse of the back-end’s full potential.

A widely used language such as node.js or PHP will be necessary for beginners to learn back-end.

Web Developer

The advantageous resources

  • PHP Tutorial for Beginners: Learn in 7 Days at (

PHP refers to foundation’s language of Facebook, Yahoo and Google. After this course, it can make our as a PHP pro.

  • Node.js Tutorial: Learn in 3 Days at (

Through entire tutorial, we will know what is Node.js in detail and how Node.js launchs on fdeveloping server-based applications.

  • Pokemon API at (

In node.js, Express, MongoDB, Docker, and above all, TypeScript where a Pokemon RESTful API built

  • Node tutorial for frontend devs at (

With front-end developers, here provide a tutorial and complete sample project with knowing how to get Node, Express and Jade up, then run it and connect to MongoDB; reading from/writing to the database.

  • Node.js Sample App at (

  • PHP: The Right Way at ( — quick reference for PHP popular coding standards, links

Bonus: Frameworks for Web Developer

Frameworks are useful tools help our develop faster by easily configuring the fundamental concepts and allow our to create larger projects. So, the importance of deepening our knowledge of framework need to be appreciated properly.

The most useful and popular frameworks:

  • Step by step Laravel backend tutorial at (

  • Angular Tutorial: Learn Angular from scratch step by step at ( — Explore the basic concepts and the why’s of Angular Framework

  • SpringBootForBeginners at ( — Spring Boot makes it easy to create stand-alone, production-grade Spring-based Applications.

Beside all above is necessary for the first steps to become a web developer, the other most important step is our positive attitude, which we should not lose or forget in during our career. No matter how we have gone through more various technological stacks and companies, let’s bear in mind that we must always have the patience to keep growing.


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