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The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Working With An IT Recruitment Company

An IT recruitment company links a company looking to hire and a job seeker looking for work. The primary function of a recruitment agency is to find the best candidate for a job opening that its recruiters have been asked to fill. Before signing contracts with them, here are some things you want to know.

Advantages you will have

1.1 Reduce the time it takes to recruit new employees

Sifting through hundreds of resumes to select a few qualified IT candidates is undoubtedly exhausting and time-consuming for any company. Not to mention instances where you cannot find suitable candidates and must repeat the recruitment process. If you choose to collaborate with an IT recruitment company, the speed of your operations will increase. They will network to quickly and accurately select candidates, especially if they are working with a professional recruitment firm. They will also assist you in resolving all issues, such as communicating with pass/fail candidates, checking candidate qualifications, scheduling interviews, and much more.

1.2 You will have more knowledge about the IT industry

You won't have to worry about professional information at each level or industry once you've chosen an IT recruitment firm because recruitment professionals have extensive specialist knowledge to assist you in learning, evaluating, and offering a reasonable salary for each job position. This in-depth understanding provided by the recruitment service will help businesses select the most suitable and qualified candidates.

1.3 Improve the quality of candidates

Candidate selection at the IT company recruitment is not only quick but also accurate. Professional recruitment firms employ specialists who conduct various evaluation rounds to determine which candidates are suitable before they are shortlisted. To get the best quality candidate profile, some IT recruitment service providers even provide additional candidate assessment tools such as inference tests,...

1.4 Don’t need to worry about employees breaking the contract

There have been numerous instances where new employees have vanished without warning or quit during their probationary period. This will be a waste of time and money for you. But with an IT company, recruitment, on the other hand, has a distinct advantage because of the "guarantee period," which states that if candidates leave within a specific time frame, the service will find you a replacement immediately and at no additional cost.

2. What about some potential drawbacks you should consider?

2.1 You cannot take full control, like when working with your in-house recruitment team

You have less control over this aspect because you work with recruitment firms. Instead, you are solely responsible for making the final decision and selecting your new employee. The IT recruitment company will handle all processes and judgments up to this point.

2.2 Environment compatibility of the candidate is not guaranteed

In some cases, new staff is hired by an IT recruitment firm to do a good job, but they do not fit the corporate culture. This is understandable, as the outsourced recruiting team has not been exposed to your company's culture and thus will not understand it as well as your employees. Furthermore, the recruitment firm focuses primarily on professional competence. But with some experienced recruiters, they can ensure that their candidates will fit your work environment.


Collaborating with IT recruitment company is the new trend in the IT industry, especially for startups or new companies that don’t have a big budget and lack experience in recruiting.

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