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Tricks To Make Your Own Smart Home With Nodejs

The smart home product segment is more competitive than ever with lots of companies competing to be the next cool product that you buy for your home. But maybe your budget is tight, or you want to make your home become smarter by yourself? So here are some tricks with code and guide to make your own smart home using NodeJS?

Tricks To Make Your Own Smart Home With Nodejs
Tricks To Make Your Own Smart Home With Nodejs

1. What you need to prepare before making a smart home system with NodeJS

  • Hardware: You will need full access to the GPIO of the Raspberry PiCommunication (256 MB RAM will bring the best result) with an attached Arduino Wake-on-LAN (not really hardware, but at least it wakes up hardware) to stream your webcam via

  • Software: Node.js,, Expressjs, Requirejs, HTML5, CSS3 and Websockets Jade templating Responsive design. Yes, you will need HTML5 and CSS3 to create a usable design, but the most important is Node.js and you will need a lot of tricks with code to use them fluently.

What you need to prepare before making a smart home system with NodeJS
Figure1. A Raspberry Pi with 256MB RAM can power your smart home network

What is the benefit when you make your own smart home with NodeJS in this way?

  • You can access your home from everywhere: Yes, you only need a smartphone with an internet connection to access your home automation app from everywhere in the world.

  • Responsive: Using responsive design allows you comfortable control of your home devices when using all different kinds of the device (computer, tablet, smartphone).

  • Ability to extendable: An elaborated plugin system makes it easy to extend the application with your plugins.

2. Or you can use NodeJS server to create your own smart home

Introduce Homebridge - a lightweight NodeJS server that helps you run on your home network that emulates the iOS HomeKit API app. With a growing open-source library of plugins, Homebridge is quickly becoming the best option for anyone who is looking to add more functionality or make their home become smarter.

a. What is Homebridge?

Homebridge is a NodeJS server created by Nick Farina that emulates the Homekit API and allows non-Apple approved devices to work with the Home app and Siri. The server is small, can run on a home network, and is modular, which means it can support a variety of plugins developed and made available by a vibrant community dedicated to improving the tool.

The plugins are built on Homebridge, and the majority of them are designed to make Homekit compatible with devices that aren't Apple-approved. Homebridge plugins can be downloaded directly from the NPM website.

Or you can use NodeJS server to create your own smart home
Figure 2. Homebridge is a program created by using NodeJS

Homebridge can be installed on a variety of systems; however, for this instructable, I'll use a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B + running Raspbian, and I'll also show you how to install it on Windows.

b. How can you install Homebridge?

The first step is to figure out what system you are going to be running this code on, then download the suitable image. Professionals will highly recommend using a Raspberry pi because this system is quite affordable, has a small form factor, and has a decent amount of resources for you to set up a Homebridge. After following the basic steps to get everything downloaded, you just need to follow the instruction to run Homebridge as a service on Linux which the Raspberry pi device is compatible with.

And if you face any problems, or simply you have a question to ask, there is a great community on Github, Discord, and Reddit which have many people who have so many tricks with code that can help you.


Creating your own smart home system is quite a challenge if you don’t have much experience in coding. But there are so many sources to learn to code NodeJS on the internet, so it is better to practice coding skills before doing any real-world project.

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