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The Work Culture Of Employment Agencies In Vietnam That You Should Learn

The World Economic claims that Vietnam already has a number of competitive advantages and a favorable investment environment that attracts foreign investors. Vietnam has its own ways of doing things, just like any other nation, and while they can be useful in and of themselves, they can also be confusing to some. Here is some common culture of employment agencies in Vietnam that you should learn to have more efficient working progress.

Everyone Working For An Employment Agency In Vietnam Is Flexible

One's job description is much more flexible in Vietnam. Depending on one's ambitions and willingness to put in the necessary effort to advance, this may be a source of frustration or a chance for growth.

Pros: In Vietnam, young people can quickly advance to management positions. There are many young managers working for a lot of employment agencies in Vietnam.

Cons: Since many jobs lack formal operating procedures, there is often confusion about who should do what and ad hoc hierarchies.

Employment agency in Vietnam
Figure 1. Every employee in an employment agency in Vietnam is flexible

One example of vague job descriptions in Vietnam is the prevalence of bosses asking junior employees to handle personal tasks for them, such as running errands, caring for their children, planning the boss's daughter's wedding, or attending late-night parties with significant clients, and business partners. Such actions would appear to be on the verge of being illegal in countries like Canada, but they demonstrate that Vietnamese workers are prepared to go to any lengths to demonstrate their commitment and dependability.

At Any Employment Agency In Vietnam, There Is A Greater Emphasis On Social Events

Employment agencies in Vietnam are more social, with company-paid retreats for strategy or late-night dinner-and-drinking parties to schmooze clients. Most of the time, such events are simply intended to boost morale.

Employment agency in Vietnam
Figure 2. The most common way to connect everyone in a team is by drinking beer

There are a lot of after-hours group dinners and meet-ups - these are much more common than anything we've ever seen in Canada, Australia, or the United States (e.g., they happen twice a month or more!)

They Know How To Manage A Team

First and foremost, every manager of an employment agency in Vietnam spends as much time as possible getting to know your team. To begin, organize team outings to create semi-professional bonding experiences. Because male coworkers should be willing to go for beers but female coworkers generally do not go to cafes (coffee shops as they are known in Vietnam) or dinners after work hours may be a good idea.

Because Vietnamese are generally shy, determining their strengths and weaknesses may be difficult at first. Talking to the team in a humorous and positive tone is one way to quickly break the ice.

We will be able to observe and comprehend the team's habits, characteristics, attitudes, and preferences as a result of the outings. With that information, it will be much easier to communicate with the team. Patience and polite firmness are better solutions in situations where they made mistakes or something was not done. Other ways to form a successful work relationship are to encourage your team to take action, to give them a sense of responsibility, and to compliment them. In an interview with Vietnam News, foreign managers stated that they found their Vietnamese teams to be hardworking, interested in their work, and attentive to their responsibilities.


30 years ago, Vietnam was one of the poorest countries in the world. Now, Vietnam is one of the fastest-growing economies. Thanks to some traits of an employment agency in Vietnam we mention above also these are some traits everyone should learn.

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