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The Particularity Of Executive Search In Vietnam

A specialized form of hiring called executive search in Vietnam is used to bring in highly qualified senior management talent for a company. Typically, it is used to fill key strategic positions like the CEO, CFO, COO, HRD, and CIO. But how does this progress work?

What Is An Executive Search?

Executive search is clearly different from recruiting more junior talent. When recruiting for more junior positions, an organization will typically work on a contingency basis with a recruitment consultancy to find suitable candidates. The candidate who is successful in obtaining the position is usually an active job seeker who applies for the position.

executive search in Vietnam
Figure 1. Executive search is just like searching for an employee, but with much more qualification

Executive search looks for the best fit for both the role and the company, regardless of whether the candidate is actively looking for a new job. An organization will form a long-term relationship with an executive search firm, which will act as an extension of its business, identifying and engaging qualified candidates on its behalf.

Six Key Steps Of Executive Search In Vietnam

Step 1: Hold Initial Meetings

You will almost certainly need to meet with the recruiting firm to negotiate terms and conditions and sign a contract. However, from the perspective of recruiting professionals, these early exchanges provide numerous additional benefits.

On the one hand, you'll get a better sense of their team, which will most likely represent you in future hires and talent acquisitions. As a result, keep an eye on them during meetings.

Furthermore, the Recruiters must gather important information about you, such as your business structure, future direction, recruitment requirements, time frame, and so on. Furthermore, they must have firsthand knowledge of your company's culture and management style in order to find the best fit.

Step 2: Create Job Descriptions And Candidate Role Models

Using your specific requirements, the Recruiters will create a detailed job description that covers everything the candidate wants to know about the position. Mission. Qualification. Target. Welfare. Levels of management Opportunities and difficulties Following your approval, they will use this information to attract and communicate with candidates.

executive search in Vietnam
Figure 2. Hiring normal or executive positions both need a details job description

To avoid going astray from the progress of executive search in Vietnam, they also create the ideal candidate's model, which is primarily based on the job description above. Core competencies, academic and professional experience, personality, preferred soft skills, and work style are some of the titles on this list.

Step 3: Meet Candidates

Recruiters determine how to find these candidates after determining who to look for. People usually think of job postings and social media ads. However, because of their large talent pool, recruitment services have an advantage. As a part of the executive search in Vietnam's progress, their in-house database and extensive network of contacts will undoubtedly help to accelerate the entire senior position recruitment process. Not to mention the ability to approach and recruit passive candidates - people who are currently employed but are looking for new opportunities. If they are successful in attracting talent, the following step will take place.

Step 4: Filter From The List Of Candidates

As a part of the executive search in Vietnam, the evaluation and selection of candidates will take place simultaneously. Candidates will be carefully evaluated to determine their professional and cultural fit for the position. There will be several rounds of evaluation, ranging from phone screening to in-person interviews with recruitment services. Furthermore, if necessary, they will administer a battery of tests to assess the candidate's abilities.

Throughout this phase, the Recruitment Specialists will keep you informed on a regular basis so that you always feel included in the selection process. Remember to notify them if there are any changes to the position so that they can change the way they find candidates and stay within the pre-approved timeframe.

Step 5: Interview The Candidates

Based on their performance in the previous round, you can choose whether or not to meet the candidates on the list as a part of an executive search in Vietnam.

executive search in Vietnam
Figure 3. The interview process is the critical step in executive search in Vietnam

Please contact a Recruitment Specialist if you have any questions about a candidate's qualifications. Their comments may point out aspects of the candidate that you want to investigate further.

If your ideal candidate isn't on this list, please let our Recruiters know. This is critical for their next candidate search.

Step 6: Complete The Executive Position Recruitment Process

Once you've made your decision, the Recruiters will act as a go-between, negotiating job offers and compensation to ensure that both parties are happy. As a result of the executive search in Vietnam's progress, they will also help new employees with their onboarding and onboarding phases to ensure a smooth transition.

The entire hiring process for a senior position can take anywhere from two to three months, depending on the specific requirements of the position. This may appear to some to be a long and tedious task. However, each of the preceding steps is required if you want to hire the talent that will propel your company forward.


The way that executive search in Vietnam works is similar to how executive search worldwide works. But in Vietnam, executive recruiters are more focused on how their candidates match their customer's work culture, which is so important for high-skilled roles.

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